I would like to tell about a little business of production of disposable shoe covers.
Most likely the Internet, you've seen a lot of different feasibility study. Profitability, payback period of 6 months and more.
Like this:

Incidentally fairly truthful account, after a bit.
But, to start a business especially for those who do not will be dealt with the second challenge. It is a long and labor krapotlivy which gradually leads to the desired result.
It all starts with the purchase oborudovniya. You have already picked the place, we decided to do that first nachites produce shoe covers, and then hire Uncle Peter (This by the way is very correct). Analyze the market, we found a customer, know where to take the film and box. And here it is a welcome box with the machine. You bet it's going to turn into a power outlet IRS ..... The couple does not work !!! Chet shoe covers one marriage, That's Mr. *** about, not a machine !!! And so on. Then comes the understanding that the floor of the car need to redo (if China), It's not all of course under force. All packages are asking an individual, and you have bulk in boxes, etc., etc., etc..
In fact, it's not scary. Because any business starts that way. If you're willing to overcome your difficulties and if you have an understanding of that earlier than three months will not give your business benefits. Then you here.
I'm not going to talk about low-cost and high margins about, count yourself. I just try to specify the points that are worth paying attention to.
1. Selecting the room necessary:
In addition to the machine in the room will be a film, gum, and finished products (this is the volume)
Be sure to need a system of smoke from the machine directly from the knife with forced draft.
Need a place near the machine - tool and replacement film. (Iozhno table)
On all sides around the machine should not be less than a meter from the wall - it's mandatory. (Booty up and head into the machine quite often need to be especially at first :-))
2. Raw materials:
Find more than one supplier of the film is not far from you. (Some say the film is not so gently)
Ordering the film for the first time, make a bit of 100 kg - 300 kg. (For comparison, we can send you some good films)
Spunbond and gum is also advisable to buy beforehand. (The same can we) tell me where you can buy for yourself - for the money demand does not take.
3. Packing:
We pack in a plastic sleeve on the packaging machine.
Another option is vacuum circuit machines, vacuum cleaners, pressure, hands, feet.
4. Be patient.
The machine never nebudet to do so as they say 80 pairs per minute * 60 minutes. multiplied by 8 = 38 hours 400 pairs per day. UNREAL
20 000 pairs in 8h. shift - this has to come right.
Compressor is desirable to purge, white spirit, or other cleaner, rags.
By the way, by kicking the machine will not work better check!
By sales:
Profitability and return on the project is directly dependent on the consumer of your products. For example to work in the state. contracts margin of 30% -100%
Retail - 100% -300% - the only negative clients gradually take a long time to turn out clientele.
The cost price will count themselves:
The film of 10 microns 2.3 g consumption by a pair of shoe covers - price 127 000 rub. - 147 000 rub. per ton
Braided Elastics 42 4 - 5 cents. for a couple.
Spunbond 1 penny per pair.
Costs also have all their own.
I wish you all success in business! If you have questions do not hesitate to call.