Machine for the production of caps model 7300

Machine weight: 1 150 kg

Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz

Power: 4 kW

Dimensions (L * W * H): 4300x1100x1600 mm

Productivity: 80-100 pcs / min.


    - automatic machine,

    - indication of production speed and block heating temperature,

    - no ultrasonic welding

    - thermal welding,

    - thermal / mechanical cutting

Raw material: HDPE / LDPE / PSD film/non-woven fabric

Products: shoe covers 15x40 +/- 1 cm

Diameter caps: 490 mm.

Number of operators: 1 person

1. 1 year warranty from date.

2. In case of departure of our specialist for training in your production, the cost of work will be 20,000 rubles + accommodation + meals + travel *.

3. Free consultation by phone.

* Travel by ground transport, if the road takes no more than a day.

Commissioning takes a maximum of three calendar days.

Each customer visit through no fault of the seller (not under warranty) is charged as commissioning.

The machine for the production of caps is entirely of Russian origin and from Russian components, no installments are provided, leasing is possible.

Cost of the machine for the production of caps:

PRICE RUB: 1,850,000